Here are some of the projects I've worked on over the years:

Lab Spend

  • Laravel, Vue.js, Redis, PostgreSQL

A sophisticated and disruptive web based platform that provides features such as: purchase requests, workgroup communication and approvals, dramatic price savings, and a powerful inventory management system.

This project has been through many iterations over 6+ years, starting with Backbone.js and building to its current state as a robust SPA using the modern Vuetify UI framework.

NEO Sports Plant Volleyball

Laravel, React, MUI, PostgreSQL

A website for running recreational adult volleyball leagues with many features including: league registration, payment processing, facility scheduling, and score recording.

MHS Science Olympiad Signups

Laravel, Vue.js, Vuetify, MySQL

A robust SPA for handling team registrations and live results tabulation for a high school Science Olympiad competition with over 100 teams and 25 events.

A's and O's Farm

A simple, static website I created for my dad's farming business when I was in highschool.