May 30, 2021

Sublime Text - ESLint on save for Vue.js files

** From this helpful Medium article **

I've been working with Vue.js and I've found it to be an absolute delight to quickly develop functional, modern web applications. One of the nice things about working in a Javascript environment is the great support for linting through the EsLint package. This lets me spend less time formatting my code and more time actually coding.

I played with a few different methods for running ESLint on save, some more complex than others. Eventually I settled on this method:

  1. Install Package Manager if you haven't already installed it into Sublime Text.
  2. Install ESLint-Formatter through package control
ctrl + shift + P
Package Control - Install Package
  1. Open the config file for ESLint-Formatter.
Preferences > Package Settings > ESLint-Formatter > Settings
  1. Add the following config:
	"format_on_save": true,
	"format_on_save_extensions": [

For me, I also had to override the default node.js path to point to the correct one on my Linux machine. To do this, I first had to find where my executable was installed. I opened terminal, and typed which node to get this path.

	"node_path": {
		"linux": "/usr/bin/node"

After this, my Sublime Text would nicely format all my Vue.js files upon saving them!